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What is the deal about “the dress”?

Did you see the recent flurry of activity on social media about “the dress”?  Was it white and gold or blue and black?  Lots of comments and disagreements about the color of the dress.  I myself clearly see white and gold.  

The science guys weighed into the controversy and pointed out that we are all seeing colors differently...we are built to see things differently.  Our brains process light wave refractions differently and, from my own observation, our brains also process the difference we each see in other individuals.

Most often we perceive difference negatively.  We only accept what affirms our own beliefs.  Other individuals who look like us are initially seen as non-threatening.  Those who look different are initially perceived as a threat or danger.  Stereotyping, based on what we have learned from generalizations in our culture and society, is usually the first filter used to process “the one” who is different.

Someone who looks different, be that a different color of skin or a facial characteristic or whose words are slurred, is someone with whom we must be leery or suspicious.  That seems to be the message of our initial unconscious thought.  We may also continue in that belief based on our limited experience or awareness. 

But our understanding of difference has and is evolving. 

That is one of the many benefits of attending the Social Role Valorization (SRV) workshop. 

  • It challenges your assumptions and opens you to a new understanding of our response to those whom we see as different.
  • It challenges the status quo and the scarcity that exists in a worldview that says, “that’s just the way things are”.

As SRV examines our unconscious assumptions and challenges us, our view of the world and difference evolves.  In the process we just might begin to accept that there is an abundance of opportunity to be found in different points of view and different life experiences.

For me, that is the true value of diversity and seeing things differently.