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Opening lines set the tone of sermon.  Opening lines create the expectations for an interesting read of a novel.  Opening lines allow comedians to invite us into their world that is constructed to amuse and entertain.

Opening lines also introduce us to one another.  Those opening lines can spark the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  When you meet someone, what’s your “opening line”? 

When you introduce your child or a family member with a disability, what’s your “opening line”?

Does your opening line create the expectation that you are someone with common interests like the person you are meeting?  Or does your opening line stop the conversation cold in its tracks?

Does your “opening line” for introducing your family member who experiences a disability put their disability front and center?  Or does your opening line present opportunities for discovery?  Is this someone who is loved and valued?  Is this someone with experiences and skills that are interesting? 

Does it invite the person you are meeting to expect positive and enjoyable conversation?  It’s the conversation that begins a relationship...and relationships build community. 

What’s your “opening line”?