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Who We Are

Priorities 5 & 6: Valuing and Appreciating Diversity & Cultivating Opportunities

NOTE: Many of the strategies in the last two priorities in the Strategic Plan, Priority 5 and Priority 6 were focused on internal organizational strategies relating to public awareness, outreach, resource development, governing board, advisory councils and the staff. These have been incorporated into the CORE Goals and Objectives.

Priority 5: Valuing and Appreciating Diversity

Image of the Future: We respect the strength of difference and diversity across disability and ethnicity. We promote awareness of the life experience of people with disabilities and the importance of diversity in creating strong communities. We recognize and incorporate people’s strengths and commit the time and resources necessary to enable all stakeholders to provide input, express their ideas, and support our mission. We value the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that all participants bring to achieving our shared vision. We seek to be a learning organization that assists our Board, Advisory Councils, staff and community partners in valuing and appreciating cultural diversity.

Priority 6: Cultivating Opportunities

Image of the Future: We engage in potent, relevant, effective, and expansive advocacy. As our reach expands so must our resources including connectors, relationships, money, and people-power. We recognize advocacy is difficult work and involves risk taking and we seek to celebrate the achievement of successful advocacy efforts by our staff, volunteers, allies and most especially the people we serve.