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Who We Are

Priority 1: Freedom From Harm

Image of the Future: People with disabilities have human and legal rights that protect their health, safety, personal integrity and self-determination. We will protect and advocate for vulnerable people with disabilities, especially those living in segregated, isolated and congregated facilities, to ensure they are free from death, abuse, neglect, and violations of their rights.

Goal 1A: Monitor places where people with disabilities who are most in danger of harm live, work, or learn.

Objective 1A.1: Maintain a regular presence at the Beatrice State Developmental Center (BSDC) on a monthly basis, including monthly reviews of facility incident reports.

Objective 1A.2: Maintain a regular presence at the Lincoln Regional Center (LRC) twice a month, including regular attendance at the facility’s Women’s Council.

Objective 1A.3: Develop a plan to monitor facilities, day programs, employment settings, service settings, etc. where people with disabilities are segregated, isolated and congregated

Objective 1A.4: Conduct one (1) monitoring visit at a juvenile justice facility and one (1) monitoring visit at the Segregated Housing Unit at the Nebraska State Prison in Lincoln.

Goal 1B: Investigate and respond to allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation using a range of remedies to ensure that the most vulnerable people with disabilities are free from harm.

Objective 1B.1: Investigate and respond to (43) allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Objective 1B.2: Address guardianship issues through trainings, working with the Office of Public Guardian and analyzing and proposing changes to guardianship procedures.

Objective 1B.3: Provide greater protection for people with disabilities from abuse, neglect, exploitation and retaliation by service providers, including Personal Assistants, by advocating for changes to statutory and/or regulatory requirements.

Objective 1B.4: Eliminate the use of seclusion and restraint in Nebraska schools by advocating for changes in practices, policies, regulations and/or statutes.

Objective 1B.5: Improve medical and mental health services for people with disabilities in Nebraska’s juvenile justice and adult correctional facilities by advocating for changes in practices, policies, rules/regulations and statutes.

Goal 1C: Support and sustain a network of local, independent Citizen Advocacy programs to keep vulnerable people free from harm.

Objective 1C.1: Provide consultation, training and technical assistance to five Citizen Advocacy programs to support citizen advocates in their advocacy to protect vulnerable people with disabilities from abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.