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Who We Are

Priority 3 - Empowering Others to Achieve Full Participation

Image of the Future: Empowering people who have been devalued strengthens communities and we commit ourselves to the call, “nothing about us without us.” We affirm our belief that people who experience disabilities are the experts when it comes to living with a disability. We seek justice and empowerment in partnership with people who experience disabilities. Visible action and the power of positive expectations enable us to collaborate with others to create meaningful results. Through compassion, really listening to others, and building trusting relationships, we share a common purpose to support people’s hopes, dreams, and things not yet imagined.

Goal: Enable individuals to become strong advocates by providing individual advocacy and systems advocacy trainings, including ongoing support and follow-up to participants after the trainings.

Objective 3.1: Create self-advocacy curriculum packages for use by self-advocacy educators and provide on-going support to educators to conduct eight (8) self-advocacy on-site educational sessions (four in Region I and four in Region V) and upload self-advocacy curriculum materials so they are available to individuals and groups on-line through Southeast Community College's website.

Objective 3.2: Make final revisions to self-advocacy educator curriculum materials and conduct 2 self-advocacy educator workshops to train a total of 16 self-advocacy educators (eight from Region III and eight from Region VI).

Goal: Re-establish a Volunteer Lay Advocacy Network across the state to advocate for inclusive education practices for students with disabilities in pre-secondary educational settings.

Objective 3.3: Convene a planning work group to develop a model for an inclusive education lay advocacy program with a focus on pre-secondary education (age 3 thru Grade 8) and develop and submit proposals to potential funding sources.