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Who We Are

Priority 3: Engaging People with Disabilities in Advocacy

Image of the Future: People who experience disabilities are the experts when it comes to their lives. We believe in the philosophy of “nothing about us without us” and will stand with people who have disabilities to achieve their hopes, dreams, and things not yet imagined.

Goal 3A: Provide people with disabilities opportunities to learn how to be effective advocates and support them in advocating on things that impact their lives.

Objective 3A.1: Work with Developmental Disabilities Network partners to provide advocacy leadership education to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their family members.

Objective 3A.2: Work with People First of Nebraska to develop and implement a self-advocacy education program for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Objective 3A.3: Work with 12 members of People First of Nebraska to learn how to become effective disability public policy advocates.

Objective 3A.4: Provide two (2) three-month public policy advocacy internships for post-secondary students who have disabilities.

Objective 3A.5: Conduct four (4) sessions to educate 32 people with mental illnesses about how to become effective self-advocates.

Objective 3A.6: Conduct two (2) workshops to educate 16 people with mental illnesses about how to provide self-advocacy education for their peers.

Objective 3A.7: Conduct outreach and inform at least 300 people with disabilities about their voting rights.