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Who We Are

Our Vision and Framework for the Next Five Years

Our vision for the future is clear: All people with mental or physical disabilities are valued in their community, have control over their own lives, and have the necessary resources to live a life of quality. That vision is captured in three words: dignity, equality and empowerment.

We started our new Five Year Strategic Plan in fiscal year 2013. Our strategic plan was developed using a process called Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry grounded by: 1) What you see, you find more of – the more positive and inspiring the strategy development, the more innovative ideas will be created and possibilities that can be explored, and 2) People commit to what they help create – the more participative the plan development, the more committed people will be to the success of the plan. The process was focused on what our organization would look like if it were designed to maximize and preserve the themes lifted from those we interviewed – our internal partners and external allies.



Six priority areas emerged that captured the possibility of hope that was discovered from the interviews. These priority areas will be the framework for our efforts during the next five years:

  • Seeking justice for people with disabilities; ensuring safety, personal integrity, self-determination.
  • Working with people with disabilities to create meaningful, authentic inclusion in communities of choice.
  • Always mindful of the motto: “Nothing about us without us”; really listening to others, acting with compassion, and building trusting relationships; supporting people’s hopes, dreams and things not yet imagine.
  • Maintaining our integrity through respectful, honest communication and teamwork; valuing connections with community partners.
  • Respecting the strength of difference and diversity Valuing the energy, creativity and enthusiasm others bring to achieving our shared vision.
  • Engaging in potent, relevant, effective, and expansive advocacy.