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Who We Are

New name...but commitment and vision remains the same

“We may have a new name but our commitment and vision remains the same. Disability Rights Nebraska envisions a future where all people are valued in their community, have control over their own lives, and the necessary resources to live a life of quality.”

We are proud to announce our new name - Disability Rights Nebraska; and to present our new logo!

Why the name change? Our Board gave serious consideration to the name change. For over 30 years we have developed our reputation and promoted our "brand" with Nebraska Advocacy Services and our familiar arrow based logo.

But there was always confusion in the eyes of the public. Were we a state agency? What did we advocate for? Is this the right place to call for help?

"Disability Rights Nebraska" is a clear statement about our focus - disability rights. Hopefully, the first impression is that we are not a state agency.

By being more direct we will not have to spend time telling people we do work in the area of disability rights. Our goal and intent was to create a name that was more understandable and accessible.

The new logo was designed by Lonnie Walker of Primographics in Prospect, KY. The design was selected from entries received in a contest that we sponsored. Here is how the artist describes the meaning behind his design concept: The logo design focuses on legal documents and information. It is symbolic of stacked papers (any rights information) contained within a circle. The circle represents a magnifying glass, microscope, or visual focus on legal rights in Nebraska.

Thank you, Lonnie for the terrific new logo. I am confident it will serve us well for the next 30 years.

There you have it - a new name a new logo - but the same organization dedicated to advocating and protecting the legal and human rights of people with disabilities.

For more than 30 years, we have worked to ensure that people with disabilities and their families have the opportunities to experience independent and productive lives.

We have accomplished much over the past three decades with the help of many people.

We are grateful to those who have volunteered their time to serve on our Board of Directors and advisory councils, as well as our many allies, collaborators, and those who have provided financial support for our efforts.

We look forward to a positive future for those we serve.

We also give thanks for the many courageous people who came forward to stand firm in their desire to protect and advance not only their cause but the cause of justice for all people with disabilities. You pursued a vision of dignity, equality and empowerment that has benefited those who have followed you and who will benefit from your courage in the future.

Thank you.

Timothy F. Shaw, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer