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Webinar: Engagement: The New Standard for Mental Health Care

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
1:00 pm2:00 pm

Many people who seek mental health care drop out. 70% that drop out do so after their first or second visit.[i][i] The first moments of interaction between a service provider and a person seeking care for a mental health condition can set the tone and course of treatment. This first interaction can start a journey to recovery and a satisfying life—or it can leave a person unsure or even hopeless about their future and unwilling to go back a second time. The same is true about interactions with others in the community; a person who has been told that people with mental illness are scary, weak or unable to care for themselves may not seek help or may avoid telling others the full extent of what they are experiencing. Effective engagement should be the foundation of mental health services, not merely an aspiration.
This webinar will explore NAMI’s listening session on engagement including: the process that went into the project, the experience and outcomes of the listening session and next steps towards promoting a culture of engagement.
Darcy Gruttadaro, JD, NAMI Director of Advocacy
Laura Usher, MA, NAMI Senior Manager of Criminal Justice and Advocacy
Ann-Marie Louison, MSW, Co-Director Adult Behavioral Health Programs, CASES
Bill Carruthers, Program Manager, Savannah Counseling Peer Program

When in the "seminar room" online, the Adobe Connect Log-in screen appears, select "Enter as a Guest," enter the name and state of the participant in the "Name" field (Ex. Jane Doe-AK) and click on "Enter Room." For attendees, this is a “listen only” webinar. Should they need to dial in, the instructions are on the note pad in the seminar room.