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2018 Social Role Valorization Workshop

Wednesday, July 25, 20188:00 amFriday, July 27, 20186:00 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan University
2018 Social Role Valorization Workshop

The Social Role Valorization Workshop is designed to assist participants to better understand the lives of people who are marginalized and devalued in our society, learn about the concept of Social Role Valorization, have an opportunity to examine personal values and commitments to those who are devalued, and renew passionate commitment to these individuals. The workshop will be presented by Darcy Elks, M.A., who has extensive experience with those who are societally devalued and has worked throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, Darcy has been an active advocate for persons with disabilities. Anyone who seriously desires to gain a deeper understanding of societal devaluation and desires to work to make life better for such persons is welcome to attend the Social Role Valorization Workshop. If you are interested in attending, see the flyer and registration forms below.