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Public Policy Advocacy

Public Policy

Disability Rights Nebraska has an active program of legislative and public policy advocacy. We provide analysis and develop positions on many key public policy issues affecting people with disabilities. Our positions on State legislation are arrived at through an extensive process of review and analysis by Disability Rights Nebraska Advisory Councils and the Disability Rights Nebraska Public Policy Team.

We work to push public policy breakthroughs by:

  • Developing testimony on high priority bills
  • Working in collaboration with other advocacy groups
  • Serving as a resource to other advocates
  • Conducting informational presentations and trainings

There are plenty of resources and ways to stay informed of State legislation and Disability Rights Nebraska's public policy activities. Our office will provide copies of our testimony upon request. Additionally, the Nebraska Unicameral Website contains up-to-date information on State legislation, and our 2016 Legislative Priorities outline Disability Rights Nebraska's legislative interests. For other information related to Disability Rights Nebraska's public policy efforts, visit our Resources page.

Governor's State of the State Address - 2016