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Who We Are


Disability Rights Nebraska uses a collaborative planning process in establishing a five year plan and developing annual objectives that includes input from staff, advisory councils, consumers, families, providers, policy makers and the general public.

Image of the Future: People with disabilities have human and legal rights that protect their health, safety, personal integrity and self-determination. We will protect and advocate for vulnerable people with disabilities, especially those living in segregated, isolated and congregated facilities, to ensure they are free from death, abuse, neglect, and violations of their rights.

Image of the Future: People with disabilities need access to authentic opportunities in order to be fully included in communities of their choice. We will promote the community inclusion of people with disabilities by advocating for 1) non-segregated, non-isolated, person-centered services and supports, 2) opportunities for people to have culturally valued social roles, and 3) meaningful choices based on a person’s interests, desires and wishes.

Image of the Future: People who experience disabilities are the experts when it comes to their lives. We believe in the philosophy of “nothing about us without us” and will stand with people who have disabilities to achieve their hopes, dreams, and things not yet imagined.

Each year we set new objectives for our work and invite comments from all interested persons on our activities. Our priority areas under the current plan (2018 - 2022) are:

Our plan for the next 5 years is available here.