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Engaging People with Disabilities in Advocacy

It's All About the Plan was an e-learning course designed for people with disabilities and their families. The project was developed by Fritz & O’Hare Associates in collaboration with Southeast Community College, with funding provided by the Nebraska Vocational Rehab.

Course modules are designed for four separate audiences to assist them in meaningfully participating in the process of planning for services. This includes educational services for students with disabilities and services for adults with intellectual or development disabilities. The modules are self-paced and may be taken either individually or shown in group settings such as classrooms, advocacy groups, or training. 

The modules and links to them are as follows: 

           The Parent and the Individual Education Program Guidebook

           Facilitator Guide - The Parent and the Individual Education Program Guidebook

           The Student and the Individual Education Program Guidebook.pdf

           Facilitator Guide - The Student & the Individual Education Program Guidebook.pdf

           The Family/Guardian and Individual Support Plan Guidebook.pdf

           Facilitator Guide - The Family/Guardian & the Individual Support Plan Guidebook.pdf

           The Individual and the Individual Support Plan Guidebook.pdf

           Facilitator Guide - Individual & Individual Support Plan Guidebook.pdf