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Values-Based Programs

Inclusive Education Lay Advocacy Project


Disability Rights Nebraska launched the Inclusive Education Lay Advocacy Project to engage interested people in lay advocacy for students with disabilities and their families. Through education and training provided by the Inclusive Education Lay Advocacy Project, advocates will be equipped with the tools necessary to thoroughly understand educational information and legal rights. As a result, they will be prepared to help families effectively navigate educational systems to secure inclusive educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Please contact our Lay Advocacy Project Coordinator, Pat Cottingham, if you are interested in becoming a lay advocate or having a lay advocate work with you.


The Inclusive Lay Advocacy Project: 

  • Stands by the belief that interested people, when given the opportunity, will be strong advocates for all children
  • Provides training, based on a proven model, to citizens who commit to standing with other families in advocating for inclusive education for their children
  • Offers Individual Education Plan clinics to help families understand their rights and responsibilities for developing inclusive education plans