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Values-Based Programs

Social Role Valorization featuring Darcy Elks. June 24, 25, and 26, 2018. Registration is Open.


Download the Informational Flyer and Registration Form or register online today!



The theory of Social Role Valorization grew out of what many people know as “normalization.” This introductory workshop will present (a) the common life experiences of people who are marginalized and devalued in our society, and (b) strategies to address some of these experiences in order to support people to become valued members of the community.


The Social Role Valorization workshop will be held on June 24 - 26, 2019 at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln.  


  • Reflect on devaluation and how it affects the lives of people who are at risk.
  • Learn about the concept of Social Role Valorization, which is an organized way of addressing devaluation (both in one’s personal and work life).
  • Have an opportunity to examine their personal values and commitments to people who are devalued.
  • Renew their passionate commitment to marginalized and devalued people


Anyone who seriously desires to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and consequences of societal devaluation and desires to work to make life better for people who are devalued, e.g., human service workers, people with disabilities, advocates, and family members.

Participants should arrive well-rested and plan to be free of outside commitments for this workshop. If you register to attend, please plan on attending required discussion and work sessions lasting into the evening.


The workshop will be presented by Darcy Elks, M.A. Darcy has been involved with persons who are societally devalued for many years and has worked throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.  She has worked in a variety of human services, conducted many training events, evaluated services, and has been a consultant to programs that are striving for quality.  As well, Darcy has been an advocate for persons with disabilities.  She is a mother of three children, one of whom has a disability


Cost of workshop attendance is $250.00 per registrant. Organizations that register four or more individuals will pay a $225.00 fee per registrant. The deadline for registration is June 14, 2019 and attendance is limited to 50 participants. 

To register, a check made out to Disability Rights Nebraska for the full registration amount must be included with the registration form. The registration fee includes refreshments and lunch each day of the workshop. Additionally, workshop participants will receive an agenda and a map of Nebraska Wesleyan University's campus a week prior to the workshop. Participants can register online or send completed registration forms by mail, fax, or email. If you plan to register four or more individuals and wish to receive the discounted rate, please register by mail. 


If you would like additional information about the Social Role Valorization Workshop or would like to be notified when registration opens, contact Tess Barnes or John Murphy by email or by phone at 402-474-3183.