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Who We Are

Disability Rights Nebraska is governed by a ten member Board of Directors. We also work with advisory groups to get information to help guide our programs. All of the members of the Board and the advisory groups are volunteers. Most of them are people with disabilities or people with a family member who has a disability.

The people who work at Disability Rights Nebraska are well qualified. They are dedicated to the ideals of the disability rights movement. Our staff works hard to support and defend the rights of people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska Board of Directors

Mary Angus, Chairperson Omaha, NE
Carly Lasley, Vice-Chairperson Lincoln, NE
Lisa Alexander, Secretary Lincoln, NE
John Lakey, Treasurer Kearney, NE
Patricia Cottingham Lincoln, NE
Seamus Kelly Omaha, NE
Claude Louishomme Kearney, NE
Mary McHale Omaha, NE
William Voss Scottsbluff, NE
Michael Warner Omaha, NE

Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Advisory Council

Lisa Alexander, Chairperson Lincoln, NE
Jen Genzler*, Secretary Omaha, NE
Lisa Casullo* Waverly, NE
Carol Countryman* Lincoln, NE
Susan Hopson* North Platte, NE
Ken Timmerman* Lincoln, NE
Marjorie J. Willeke* Lincoln, NE
Patti Jo Hesselgesser* Grand Island, NE
Kimberly Strong* Scottsbluff, NE
Paulissa Kipp* Omaha, NE
Michael M. Dicken* Palmyra, NE
Amy Miller* Lincoln, NE

Citizen Advocacy Committee

Julie Stahla, Chairperson* Grand Island, NE
Ella Ochoa* North Platte, NE
Claude Louishomme* Kearney, NE
Mickey Creager* Lincoln, NE
Kristin Pluhacek* Omaha, NE
Josie Romero* Grand Island, NE
Lisa Braasch* Fremont, NE

* indicates not a member of the Disability Rights Nebraska Board of Directors