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What We Do


At Disability Rights Nebraska, we believe a vote is one of the most powerful self-advocacy tools for individuals with disabilities. We also know that people with disabilities are often deterred -- or even prevented -- from voting for several different reasons. Our agency wants to make sure all Americans, especially those with disabilities, are fully informed about their voting rights and have the resources necessary to make their voice heard in every election. 

Polling Place Accessibility

Polling place accessibility is crucial for people with disabilities. Despite the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Help America Vote Act (HAVA), though, many voting stations across the country still make it difficult for people with disabilities to take part in elections. In early 2020, the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) released a report on the inaccessibility of polling places across the country. The report, "Blocking the Ballot Box," put a spotlight on the challenges people with disabilities experience when casting their vote.

We are more determined than ever to secure accessible voting for everyone in our state. Help us identify the most common issues Nebraskans with disabilities encounter at the polls by completing our Polling Place Survey on Election Day. The survey is also available in Spanish. You can also print the Polling Place Survey and its Spanish version to complete and return to our office. 

Your Vote Counts.

Disability rights advocate Jody Faltys reminds people of the importance of taking part in the electoral process. For more information on how you can help make voting more accessible.

From the Office of the Secretary of State

The Nebraska Secretary of State's website is the ultimate resource for up-to-date information on voting in our state. Some highlights...

- Voter Information Lookup: check your registration status and find your polling place.
- Register to vote!
- General Voting Information: learn about various topics from student voters to Election Day FAQ.
- 2022 Elections: find candidate lists, an official calendar, links to election results, etc.
- Early Voting: information you need for mail-in and early voting, including an FAQ