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Who We Are

Board & Advisory Council

Our Governance and Advisory Structure

At Disability Rights Nebraska, we are committed to ensuring that our organization is guided by the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of the community we serve. Our governance and advisory structure reflect this commitment, with active involvement from volunteers who bring a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Board of Directors

Disability Rights Nebraska is governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors, composed of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to oversee the strategic direction and operations of our organization. Our Board members bring a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, including many who are themselves individuals with disabilities or have a family member with a disability. Their leadership and guidance are invaluable in driving our mission forward.

  • Candi Koenig, Chairperson - Kearney, NE
  • Claude Louishomme, Vice Chairperson - Kearney, NE
  • Joni Thomas, Treasurer - Lincoln, NE
  • Lisa Casullo, Secretary - Lincoln, NE
  • Seamus Kelly - Omaha, NE
  • Paulissa Kipp - Omaha, NE
  • Dannielle Schutz - Lincoln, NE
  • Aimée Folker - Omaha, NE
  • Jaszmin deFreitas - Omaha, NE

Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Advisory Council

The primary purpose of the PAIMI Advisory Council is to advise and inform the Protection and Advocacy system on matters relevant to individuals with mental illness. This includes offering recommendations on policies, programs, and initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights and well-being of this population.

The PAIMI Advisory Council is typically composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including individuals with lived experience of mental illness, family members, advocates, and professionals working in relevant fields. Their collective insights and perspectives help ensure that the Protection and Advocacy system remains responsive to the needs of individuals with mental illness.

PAIMI Advisory Council Members

  • Lisa Casullo, Chair* - Lincoln, NE
  • Carol Countryman - Vice Chair - Lincoln, NE
  • Thomas Newcombe - Secretary - Norfolk, NE
  • Aimée Folker* - Omaha NE
  • Aurelia Huff - McCook, NE
  • Kathleen Langdon - Omaha, NE
  • Paulissa Kipp* - Omaha, NE
  • Miranda Rogers - Lincoln, NE 
  • Allyson Felt - Omaha, NE 

If you are passionate about advocating for the rights of individuals with mental illness, consider getting involved with the PAIMI Advisory Council. Your voice and perspective can make a meaningful difference in shaping policies and programs that affect the lives of countless individuals. 

The PAIMI Advisory Council is seeking new members. If interested, please fill out the application.

Citizen Advocacy Committee

  • Claude Louishomme*, Chairperson - Kearney, NE
  • Steph Burton - Grand Island, NE
  • Mickey Creager - Lincoln, NE
  • Leana Wolf- Omaha, NE
  • Anne Ireland - Grant, NE
  • Janice Coon - Minden, NE
  • Seamus Kelly - Omaha, NE

* indicates a member of the Disability Rights Nebraska Board of Directors