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Who We Are

Who We Are

Disability Rights Nebraska was created to assist individuals with disabilities and their families in protecting and advocating for their rights. From its beginning, Disability Rights Nebraska has promoted the principles of equality, self-determination, and dignity of persons with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska is independent of any public or private agency which provides treatment or services to people with disabilities. Our board of directors is composed of individuals with disabilities, family members and other people who are interested in the rights of people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska operates eight federally funded protection and advocacy (P&A) programs. The P&A system is a nationwide network of congressional created, legally based disability rights agencies. P&A organizations within the system each have the authority to provide legal representation and other advocacy services to people with disabilities and, together, comprise the nation's largest provider of legal advocacy services for people with disabilities.

Our Vision: Disability Rights Nebraska envisions a world where human rights are protected and differences celebrated, where the perception of disability is replaced by the recognition of ability, where all people have value, visibility, and voice.

Disability Rights Nebraska is the Protection and Advocacy system for people with disabilities in our state. We protect, support and promote the rights of people with disabilities.  This includes people with just about any disability including intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental illness and physical disabilities.

To learn more about our commitment to our advocacy work, watch our "Why We Do What We Do" video series.