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Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst: How Disability Rights Nebraska is working to ensure Nebraskans with Disabilities Are Protected in the Next Emergency, a blog post by Staff Attorney Amy Miller

At Disability Rights Nebraska, we believe a vote is one of the most powerful self-advocacy tools for individuals with disabilities. We also know that people with disabilities are often deterred -- or even prevented -- from voting for several different reasons. Our agency wants to make sure all Americans, especially those with disabilities, are fully informed about their voting rights and have the resources necessary to make their voice heard in every election.


The Inclusive Education Lay Advocacy Project is developing a network of Nebraskans across the state who can help families of students with disabilities advocate for educational opportunities and rely on other advocates for help when necessary. In this article, Attorney Madison Wurtele gleans perspectives from lay advocate, Angie Willey, and project coordinator, Pat Cottingham, to illustrate the project's goals and intended outcomes.