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Disability Rights Blog

“Home” and “community” represent a lot more than just words for most people who live in Nebraska. Your talents and creativity can help increase community inclusion through expanding the available settings, connections, relationships, opportunities, and choices for all people who want to live in the community.

Disability Rights Nebraska provides training and consultation to five independently-operated Citizen Advocacy offices throughout the state of Nebraska. These offices serve the purpose of creating one-to-one matches between ordinary citizens and vulnerable individuals in their communities who have a disability. At this year’s Citizen Advocacy Retreat, Al Condeluci, CEO of Community Living and Support Services, presented on the concept of Social Capital. North Platte Citizen Advocacy coordinator, Don Kurre, agreed to write a guest blog about his takeaways from Al Condeluci’s presentation.

Molly Klocksin, Case Advocate and intrepid Poll Worker, talks about the range of options available to making voting more accessible, just in time for Nebraska's upcoming General Elections on November 6, 2018.