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Disability Rights Nebraska's physical offices will be closed until further notice. Staff will continue working remotely to serve new and current clients. If you need our assistance with matters related or unrelated to COVID-19, please call us or complete our online intake form.

Read Disability Rights Nebraska's COVID-19 response and related updates.

Case Advocate Molly Klocksin discusses how COVID-19 has changed how Disability Rights Nebraska monitors facilities in the state. Further, Molly provides updates on the significant shortcomings in care for people living in congregated settings, which were uncovered in our November 2020 "A Widening Divide" report.

As you line up to get a COVID-19 vaccination, you might observe physical or other barriers that would make obtaining the vaccine harder for friends, family members, and neighbors with disabilities. You can help by being our “eyes and ears” on the ground.

People with mobility disabilities who encountered inaccessible Amtrak stations can begin submitting claims for monetary compensation. Claims must be submitted by May 29, 2021.