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What We Do

Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy 2

Through our staff of attorneys and case advocates, Disability Rights Nebraska offers:

  • Individual advocacy, including investigation of abuse and neglect allegations or direct legal representation, within selected priority areas to ensure that the rights of citizens with disabilities are not being violated;
  • Advice on legal rights and remedies;
  • Information about disability rights and services and referral to other agencies serving people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska provides information and referral services to all persons free of charge. We provide direct advocacy services only to individuals with disabilities. In order to receive representation, the individual must meet certain basic eligibility requirements set by our funding sources and have a legal problem that is associated with the disability and that falls within priorities set by the Disability Rights Nebraska Board of Directors. A fee may be charged for legal representation based on the client's ability to pay.

Please note, Disability Rights Nebraska does not handle cases such as divorces, custody cases, adoption, landlord-tenant, estate planning, criminal matters, mental health commitment defense, tax law, debtor-creditor law, personal injury (other than injuries arising out of abuse or neglect), assistance with obtaining guardianship or cases involving inmates at a correctional facility.