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Success Stories

  • Success Story for Legislature 2014

    LB 920: Establish Office of Public Guardian
    Disability Rights Nebraska position: Support
    Status: Passed legislature 44-0; Governor approved LB 920 on April 2, 2014.

    The office of Public Guardian will serve as a means of last resort as guardian or conservator for those individuals needing guardianship services where no family member or suitable individual is available. In addition, the office will provide education, training, and support to current and future guardians and conservators.

    Nebraska was the only state without some system to provide guardianship's for persons who have no individual, family member, or other entity available to be the guardian. LB 920 creates an office of Public Guardianship to provide that role.

    Disability Rights Nebraska researched public guardianship programs in other states and nationally and met with Sen. Coash’s office to discuss our findings. Many of the recommendations from our research made it into the bill, including our recommendation at the public hearing that the Executive Director of the Office of Public Guardianship have a background/education in disability.

    Disability Rights Nebraska supported LB 920, recognizing the importance of oversight and transparency for people who need guardians, especially those who have no one willing or able to serve as guardian.