Disability Resources

Disability Rights Nebraska is a resource for direct assistance or information on disability related issues. Please explore the resources we have made available through this website. They will be updated regularly.

If you do not find information on a disability rights issue that is of interest to you, please contact us with your request.

  • Our legal advocacy program is staffed with well qualified and dedicated attorneys and case advocates. In addition to providing advice or direct representation, our Legal Advocacy Team has developed materials to assist individuals with understanding various areas of disability law.

  • Since knowledge is a source of power, we also provide internet links to a variety of disability related websites which can be found under the Links feature.

  • If you have questions about Disability Rights Nebraska you may find the Frequently Asked Questions feature helpful. If the answer to your question isn't there, you can use the Contact Us feature to send your question to us.

  • For information about disability related legislation and public policy issues look at our Legislative and Public Policy Update feature.

  • Finally, if you want to communicate with us, you can use the Contact Us feature to find our phone number, mailing address or send an email directly to us.

  • In addition to reports and publications, we offer public education about disability related issues and advocacy skills training. You can download copies of presentations we have developed from the Public Education and Advocacy Skills Materials feature.

  • Disability Rights Nebraska has a number of reports and publications that you might find helpful. These can be accessed under the Reports and Publications Feature.