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Success Stories

  • Success Story for Legislature 2018

    LR296: Provide the Executive Board of the Legislative Council appoint a special committee known as the State-Licensed Care Facilities Investigative Committee of the Legislature
    Disability Rights Nebraska position: Support
    Status: Adopted on April 11 2018.

    On April 11, the Nebraska Legislature voted in favor of LR 296, which would establish a special committee to oversee state-licensed health care facilities in Nebraska. This resolution was named a high priority on Disability Rights Nebraska's 2018 Legislative Agenda, and staff attorney, Dianne DeLair, testified at the LR 296 hearing.

    The legislature's decision follows the death of a veteran at a Palmer assisted living facility in 2017. According to the resolution's sponsor, Sen. Lynne Walz, a report on the facility's conditions was not acted upon by the Department of Health and Human Services, which was the entity responsible for inspecting state-licensed facilities. The Executive Board will appoint seven members to the State-Licensed Care Facilities Oversight Committee, who will issue a report by the end of 2018.