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Nebraska Statewide Disability Leadership Training

Saturday, September 19, 2020
8:30 am12:30 pm

Day 2 – September 19th
• Special Education Birth – Transition - Jennifer Miller
• A Brief History and Philosophy of the Independent Living Movement - Kathy Hoell
• Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act (WIOA) - Kathy Hoell

Who should attend?
Persons with disabilities, family members, concerned citizens and professionals who are interested in promoting the best outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families in Nebraska.

What will I learn about?
Leadership and advocacy training regarding systems of services and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families, including philosophy, current systems, opportunities for leadership, systems change strategies, and planning. Participants will receive support at the seminar and beyond on developing advocacy plans, building and supporting state and local coalitions with the goal of improving services and systems for individuals with disabilities.

There is no cost for this training, which will be presented via computer utilizing Zoom. Instructions will be provided to registrants. Registrants are asked to attend all sessions.