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Breaking Down Web Accessibility Barriers

If you have ever had difficulty navigating a website or reading a webpage, you aren’t alone. Barriers to accessing information online are experienced by millions of people, including those who have disabilities or do not speak English. In Nebraska, over 400,000 people report having a disability. It is estimated that another 200,000 do not speak English as their first language.

Disability Rights Nebraska wants to make sure that our materials, resources, and information are easily accessible to everyone. By implementing the Recite Me assistive toolbar on our website, we have taken a major step toward cultivating a more inclusive, accessible online environment.

Recite Me’s features allow users to interact with and view our website in a way that works best for them. The fully customizable toolbar’s features include but are not limited to a screen reader, dictionary, and translator, as well as the ability to resize text, change background colors, and remove distractions. Learn about Recite Me's toolbar options below. 

The Recite Me toolbar's screen reader reads website text aloud to help website visitors better understand and perceive content. Key screen reader features include: 

  • All content read aloud in a natural voice
  • 35 different language options
  • Speed controls and Word by Word highlighting for total customization
  • MP3 download for offline listening


Reading online content can be challenging for some people with visual impairments, learning disabilities, and other disabilities. Recite Me's key reading support tools include: 

  • Ruler to read line by line
  • Reading Mask to eliminate distraction
  • Magnifier to zoom in to sections of text
  • Fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus on site
  • Margins to reposition text in text-only


The Recite Me toolbar allows website visitors to change how our website looks to improve clarity and minimize distractions. Recite Me's styling features allow users to: 

  • Change text size and color
  • Change the website background color
  • Adjust the text font type, including Open-Dyslexic
  • Read our website in text-only mode, eliminating all styling (similar to a Word document)


About 11% of Nebraskans do not speak English as their first language. Recite Me allows non-English speakers to quickly and effectively translate web content into over 100 different languages, with 35 different text-to-speech voices. Learn more about the Recite Me toolbar's translation capabilities.


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