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COVID-19 Updates

"A Widening Divide" Report

A Widening Divide: How Nebraska's Pandemic Response Has Left Behind Many People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are disproportionately at high risk of contracting COVID-19, particularly those living in congregate residential programs, state-operated institutions, prisons and jails, and long-term care facilities. While the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt by all Nebraskans, the pandemic has widened the divide of inequality and left behind large numbers of people, especially those with disabilities. The nature of COVID-19 has a disproportionately lethal impact on those with underlying health conditions, the elderly, and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities: these are the same people who are most likely to be gathered in congregate facilities. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Disability Rights Nebraska has been working to investigate conditions for people with disabilities. We’ve compiled our findings into a report, lifting up specific areas of concern and calling for action on the current unmet needs still impact Nebraskans with disabilities.

View the report in your browser or download the PDF to improve readability.