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Over half of the world's 65 million children with disabilities are out of school due to the current state of education financing. Children with disabilities are disproportionately affected by this underfunding, as they are usually not targeted directly by donations and other humanitarian efforts. The recent #CostingEquity report by the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) extensively details the current financing of inclusive education and the benefits of funding this effort. Additionally, the IDDC's report provides recommendations to donors and government officials that aim to reduce the discrepancy between educational opportunities for children with and without disabilities . Follow the "Read More" button to access the IDDC's website for a link to the full report and related resources.

Betsy Poor Bear talks about the origins of wastunkala and issues an invitation to the Scottsbluff Lakota Center fundraiser to benefit the work of Disability Rights Nebraska. It will take place October 13, 2016 at Noon at the Lakota Lutheran Center, 1200 East Overland, Scottsbluff NE. For more information see the Event Calendar on our website under "How to Help" --> "Get Involved" or call 1-308-633-1352.

New ride hailing companies making their way into town haven't come without issues. A disability rights Texas attorney filed two lawsuits Wednesday against Get Me and Fare for discriminating against those who are visually impaired. He says the companies have refused to make their ridesharing phone apps accessible to riders who use text-to-speech software.