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Disability Rights Blog

This week's blog includes tips and timelines from Case Advocate (and seasoned poll worker) Molly Klocksin to make sure you have the opportunity to cast your vote this year, and beyond.

With the start of the school year, parents of children with disabilities might have new questions regarding assistive technology devices that could benefit their students in the classroom. Kristi Berst, the Education Program Coordinator at the Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP), discusses some of the services provided by the ATP - Education program amid recent structural changes. Kristi also provides useful information on how to access ATP - Education's services.

Disability Rights Nebraska is encouraged by recent news indicating Nebraska is moving forward with its Olmstead Plan, and recognizes the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council for their instrumental support in funding the process. Why is Olmstead important and how does it affect real people? Read more in this blog post.