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Important update! Click to learn about changes in the requirements for Medicaid home-and-community-based services (HCBS).

"What is it that makes people - all people - worthy of being seen, respected...?" Sharon Ohmberger contemplates the root and the "why" of advocacy.

Attorney Brian Craig examines the power that perception of a person's role in society can have, and how people with disabilities are sometimes viewed as “less than.” Although integration is something that can be addressed through the law, attitudes towards people with disabilities play an equally important part.

We are saddened by the recent news of the passing of Kathleen Hanson, advocate, Peer Support & Wellness Specialist, and member of the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Advisory Council. In her memory, we are sharing a guest blog post she composed in 2015 about the Olmstead decision and a call for greater choice and support for Nebraskans with significant mental disabilities living in community settings.