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Curious About Our New Strategic Plan?

Our new proposed strategic plan places a sharper, stronger focus on people with disabilities who are most vulnerable to abuse or neglect, and on inclusion of people with disabilities in every part of the community.  You can find the plan HERE.  Want to comment on the plan?  Find the comment form HERE.

News/Events Headlines

Community Outreach Disability Advocate Mindy Baird from our Scottsbluff office shares her experience with a pro-active, cross-agency collaboration on transportation. In that geographically broad area, a greater range of dependable transportation options will make it easier for people with disabilities in the panhandle to live a typical life.

Toys are for kids, not adults. Adults with physical or mental disabilities are still adults. Pets are one of life’s joys. And I think real pets are the best kind for all of us.

Public Policy Director, Bradley Meurrens, discusses disability rights advocates' involvement in the legislative process. Meurrens explains why it is important for citizens to reach out to their legislators and provide their perspectives on policy.