News/Events Headlines

The Saudi Student Association at University of Nebraska - Lincoln staffed the concessions stand at the Guardians of Freedom Air Show, and donated the proceeds of $1,440 to Disability Rights Nebraska. The Association is a 60-student group led by Ahmed Al-Sahari, the President of the association. They chose a disability rights focus for their donation, and are considering doing this again next year.

Thank you to Saudi Student Association at UNL for their hard work and generous donation. Click HERE to watch a conversation with Ahmed Al-Sahari.

Aside from donation, there are many other ways to get involved in advocacy work and defend disability rights. Disability Rights Nebraska provides volunteer opportunities for individuals wanting to join us in our advocacy work. Individuals with disabilities, family members, advocates and persons interested in the legal and human rights of all people with disabilities are encouraged to join us. Get involved today!

A summer self-advocacy course for students with disabilities will be available in July! ‘It’s All About the Plan!’ allows students to learn about and practice self-advocacy. It includes hands-on activities, community speakers, and e-learning tools. It is developed through partnership of Disability Rights Nebraska, Arc of Lincoln, Autism Family Network, and Fritz & O’Hare Associates.

The course will be completed in five days with 2.5 hour daily sessions at Southeast Community College. Students with disabilities, ages 14 to 21 are invited to the course. Parents of students attending ‘It’s All About the Plan!’ are invited to a self-advocacy session on July 6th. Attendance is not mandatory.

Self-advocacy skills help people speak up for what they need and want in life. It is especially important for students with disabilities to learn how they can make their voices heard!

The course will be free of charge. Stipends will be available, upon request, to help with transportation costs.