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105th Legislative Session

In 2017, Disability Rights Nebraska continues to advocate for individuals with disabilities in the legislature.  Throughout Nebraska's 105th Legislative Session, we have actively provided analyses and testimonies on issues that affect the disability community. View our 2017 Legislative Priorities to learn more about Disability Rights Nebraska's public policy interests and efforts.


The legislative session is full of both expected and unexpected twists, turns, and developments. It is the place where advocacy is preached, prized, and practiced. Senators, advocates, lobbyists, and concerned citizens propose and respond to new ideas, and much more. Public Policy Director Bradley Meurrens talks about this past legislative session.

According to disability policy researchers, states might want to consider revisiting their policies on restraint and seclusion for students with disabilities. Currently, there are not any federal mandates regarding the issues of restraint and seclusion, which contributes to an inconsistency in related policies among the states.

Public Policy Director, Bradley Meurrens, discusses disability rights advocates' involvement in the legislative process. Meurrens explains why it is important for citizens to reach out to their legislators and provide their perspectives on policy.

On June 11-14, high school students will have the opportunity to take the floor at Nebraska's State Capitol. Student senators will debate legislation, hold committee hearings, and sponsor legislative bills. This invitation offers the state's teenagers a chance to explore and understand Nebraska's Unicameral Legislature.