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Legislative Updates

108th Legislature - First Session Updates

108th Legislature - 1st Session

Nebraska's 108th Legislature began on January 4, 2023. As bills are introduced, Disability Rights Nebraska analyzes and researches proposed legislation, outlines priorities in our bill chart, and educates policymakers and the public on how legislation will affect people with disabilities.  

We address “High Priority” bills with testimony, personal contacts and education, and “Medium Priority” bills with letters, often in conjunction with other disability rights partners. Though legislation identified in the "Monitoring" category is followed closely, Disability Rights Nebraska does not take action or voice a position on these bills. 

To learn about bills that Nebraska's disability community should watch this session view it below.

Legislative News

Brad Meurrens, public policy director at Disability Rights Nebraska, testified in support of the bill. The overlap between disability and homelessness is significant, he said, and nearly one quarter of individuals experiencing homelessness have a physical, intellectual, developmental or mental disability.

Testifying in opposition to the bill was Brad Meurrens of Disability Rights Nebraska. He said the proposed reasonableness standard is too subjective and could lead to increased use of physical restraint, which is used disproportionately against students with disabilities.

“The language has not changed much, if at all, from previous years, despite the consistent and persistent language recommendations posed by us and others,” said Brad Meurrens, public policy director for Disability Rights Nebraska.