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Public Policy Advocacy

108th Legislature - First Session

Disability Rights Nebraska is engaged in public policy advocacy. We work to educate policymakers about disability issues and the effect of policy decisions on people with disabilities so that policymakers can craft policies that are positive for Nebraskans with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska researches, analyzes, and comments on legislation, regulation, or other policies within our priority areas that affect people with disabilities. For each Nebraska legislative session, our Public Policy Team goes through a lengthy process of review and analysis to develop our Legislative Agenda which outlines the state legislation we will focus on for that session. Visit our 2023 Legislative Updates page to view our Legislative Agenda, legislative testimony and letters, or other legislative information.  We also provide comment on statewide policies and plans as well as develop position statements on selected disability policy issues, all of which can be accessed on this page.


High Priority Bills (Testimony)


Bill Description Position
LB39 Require disability impact statements for certain legislation Support
LB157 Authorize appointment of temporary guardians for certain purposes Oppose
LB278 Provide duties for the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority and the Department of Economic Development relating to housing for persons with disabilities Support
LB424 Create the Department of Housing and Urban Development Support
LB527 Provide reimbursements to school districts and educational service units for mental health expenditures Support
LB675 Change provisions relating to elections and identification documents Support
LB678 Change provisions and definitions of the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act relating to disability Support
LB770 Require the Secretary of State to audit the offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the election commissioners, and the county clerks and all polling places for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Support
LB811 Change provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act and provide for use of physical contact or physical restraint or removal from a class in response to student behavior, provide for behavioral awareness and intervention training, and change provisions relating to lottery funds used for education Oppose