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We have been quietly making our way across the state to doublecheck accessibility ahead of the November General Election. Our work has included: surveys of every single county election website to make sure it was usable for people who are blind or have low vision, in-person tours of the 30 largest counties’ election offices to identify any physical barriers for people who use wheelchairs, and ongoing collaboration with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office to educate local voting officials.

Disability Rights Nebraska is fortunate to have a long history of dedicated public policy advocacy as a true compliment to our legal advocacy. Better late than never, below are some of our public policy success stories from the last legislative session and upcoming activity to watch out for.

Social Media is such a staple in our everyday lives. It can help create and foster friendships, open up new worlds of learning, and provide new opportunities for career connections. But how accessible are these platforms to everyone, especially to those with disabilities?