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Disability Rights Nebraska's physical offices will be closed until further notice. Staff will continue working remotely to serve new and current clients. If you need our assistance with matters related or unrelated to COVID-19, please call us or complete our online intake form.

Read Disability Rights Nebraska's COVID-19 response and related updates.

Disability Rights Nebraska released a report today outlining significant failures to provide for the needs of Nebraskans with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This video provides a quick look at Disability Rights Nebraska's "A Widening Divide" report, which details how Nebraskans with disabilities have been left behind during COVID-19.

Each year, Disability Rights Nebraska works in conjunction with other advocacy organizations to provide public policy internship opportunities for people with disabilities. It’s a great way to gain skills that support you in making a positive difference in how Nebraskans with disabilities are treated, seen, and included in our communities.