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LB1417 Create, eliminate, terminate... boards, commissions, committees, councils. Terminates the Governor's Developmental Disability Advisory Council, the Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council, Children's Behavioral Health Council, and data Oppose
LB864 State intent regarding appropriations to the Supreme Court for interpreter services. Appropriate an additional $600,000 from the general fund to the Supreme Court to increase the payments for interpreter services. Support
LB905 Require the Department of Health and Human Services to submit a waiver or state plan amendment for medical respite care. Waiver for 2 medical respite centers and reimburse services through Medicaid for homeless individuals or individuals in the Medicaid expansion group; Medical respite means short-term housing with supportive services; 1 facility in metro class, 1 in primary class Support
LB928 Provide for the appointment of a mental health director for the Department of Correctional Services. Creates a full-time mental health director position at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, appointed by the Director of Correctional Services, who shall have relevant mental health experience and be licensed by the State of Nebraska as a physician or mental health practitioner. Support
LB931 Change appropriations of Federal Funds for behavioral health purposes. LB931 appropriates $2.5 million from the federal Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund pursuant to the federal American Rescue Plan Act to the University of Nebraska for the Behavioral Health Education Center. Funds are to be utilized for graduate and postgraduate training opportunities such as internships, practicums and fellowships, for the expansion of tele-behavioral health services in rural areas, for education and training opportunities for students and behavioral health professionals related to behavioral health issues caused or exacerbated by the COVID-19 public health emergency, or for stipends for provisionally licensed behavioral health professionals employed in the field of behavioral health. The appropriation of these funds, under LB931 will be offset by $2.5 million in funds returned by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services that was to go toward behavioral health needs. Neutral
LB937 Adopt the Caregiver Tax Credit Act. Tax credit for expenses incurred as a family caregiver for persons requiring assistance with 2 or more Activities of Daily Living; Max = 2,000 per year; Eligible caregivers limited to those making Adjusted Gross Income of less than $50K or Married Filing Jointly $100K Support
LB943 Change appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services for behavioral health aid. Appropriates $8.1 million to Regional Behavioral Health Authorities for critical needs in the Behavioral Health Aid budget for FY 2024-25. Money is intended to help keep individuals in mental health crisis out of emergency rooms within each region, funding crisis stabilization, and funding youth and adult crisis services Support
LB944 Provide for use of the Medicaid Managed Care Excess Profit Fund for behavioral health needs. Takes MMCEPFund to increase behavioral health provider rates to increase access to services; (removes language about funds to be used for behavioral health system improvements and service gaps) Support
LB1021 Require programs for inmates related to compensation and employment and require minimum wage for inmates of jails and Department of Correctional Services facilities and state and political subdivision employees Support
LB1046 Provide for appointment of counsel for terminating hearings and eviction proceedings under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act Support
LB1111 Require city-county health departments to obtain approval for directed health measures. Health Districts measures to control / eradicate communicable disease, hygiene and sanitation, and educating public on public health are subject to approval by Dept of HHS (Nebraska); in times of national/multi-state pandemic, Board of Health activities to investigate, immunize, vaccinate, testing, and prevention measures subject to DHHS approval Oppose
LB1168 Adopt the Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act. Uniform Law Commission's model law on Health Care decision making. Includes supported decision making and mental health advance directives Neutral
LB1211 Change provisions of the Election Act relating to early voting. Shortens time frame from 30 days to 22 days for early voting. Oppose
LB1282 Provide for youth renewal centers for high-risk youth. Creates Youth Renewal Centers to serve youth with mental illness/behavioral/substance issues and who need intensive treatment; See page 3-4 for list of services provided Support
LB1377 Change requirements relating to training for certain school employee. Instead of required 20 hours of training, it would be "a reasonable amount of time" determined by school board… The intent of LB1377 is to provide more flexibility to school boards to determine the length of statutorily required training. This bill aims to reduce the burden of unfunded mandates as discussed during the LR166 hearing held on November 28, 2023.
LB1384 Provide for grants to cities and villages from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Support
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