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Disability Rights Nebraska is engaged in public policy advocacy. We work to educate policymakers about disability issues and the effect of policy decisions on people with disabilities so that policymakers can craft policies that are positive for Nebraskans with disabilities.

Disability Rights Nebraska researches, analyzes, and comments on legislation, regulation, or other policies within our priority areas that affect people with disabilities. For each Nebraska legislative session, our Public Policy Team goes through a lengthy process of review and analysis to develop our Legislative Agenda which outlines the state legislation we will focus on for that session. Visit our 2024 Legislative Updates page to view our Legislative Agenda, legislative testimony and letters, or other legislative information.  We also provide comment on statewide policies and plans as well as develop position statements on selected disability policy issues, all of which can be accessed on this page.


High Priority Bills (Testimony)


Bill Description Position
LB850 Change the authorized use of certain Federal Funds for housing. Provides funds to rehabilitate old or vacant properties in rural areas for affordable housing or public spaces like parks Support
LB899 Exempt Class III school districts from the prohibition on suspending a student in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Exempts very small school districts from the current ban on suspending pre-Kindergarten through second grade students. Oppose
LB1016 Eliminate a termination date relating to prioritization of certain developmental disabilities services. Eliminates the termination of day services to transition students on waiting list -- see Nebraska Revised Statutes 83-1216(4)(d). Support
LB1079 Appropriate Federal Funds to the Department of Economic Development. $10 million for Nebraska Investment and Finance Authority to develop affordable housing units. Funding from federal COVID / ARPA funds. Support
LB1146 Provide an additional exception to the prohibition on suspending a student in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Schools can suspend pre-K through 2nd grade if a student's violent behavior could be capable of causing harm to another student or staff. Oppose
LB1262 Change and eliminate provisions relating to the Commission on Indian Affairs and provide for an ongoing study relating to Native American voting issues. Commission on Indian Affairs shall contract with a consultant with expertise in tribal issues to conduct an ongoing study to determine any barriers to voting and equal representation for Indian tribes in Nebraska. Support
LB1285 Create the Task Force on Supported Employment. The task force shall study the barriers to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in attaining and maintaining employment. The task force shall provide recommendations to the Legislature, the Governor, and state agencies Support
LB1290 Provide requirements for special needs trusts as prescribed. The bill allows state adoption of the Federal provisions regarding certain sheltered trusts. Support
LB1323 Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development. Appropriates $10 million to the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund Support

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Ways to get involved:

  • Connecting donors to causes they care most about.

  • Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by tax law.

  • Become a trained advocate to stand with families to help navigate the educational system for children with disabilities.