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106th Legislature, 2nd Session

In 2019, Disability Rights Nebraska's Public Policy Team worked hard to protect the rights of people with disabilities during the 1st Session of the 106th Legislature. Our public policy work will continue this decade, starting with the 2nd Session of Nebraska's 106th Legislature.

Each year, we publish our Legislative Priorities Chart listing the public policy issues we will be focusing on during the session. The chart consists of three categories: 

  • "High Priority" legislation receives the most attention from our public policy team. We provide testimony at the hearing, collaborate with policymakers and partners, and educate community members on the issue. 
  • For "Medium Priority" legislation, we write letters to policymakers, often times in conjunction with other disability rights partners. 
  • We track the progress of legislation in the "Monitor" category but have decided not to take any action on these bills at the time.

View the 2020 Legislative Priorities Chart to learn more about the legislation Disability Rights Nebraska has prioritized for this legislative session. Visit our 2019 Legislative Updates page for a recap of our work during last year's session, or review our 2019 Legislative Bill Chart for the end-of-session statuses of last year's priority legislation. 

LB 853, a medium priority bill on Disability Rights Nebraska's Legislative Agenda, was amended into an omnibus banking bill and advanced from general file on February 18. The omnibus bill, LB 909, includes provisions from LB 853 that would authorize financial institutions to place a hold on transactions in cases of financial exploitation. On February 18, LB 909 advanced from general file. Read more on the Unicameral Update website.

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska Legislature heard testimony on two of Disability Rights Nebraska's high priority legislative bills. LB1208, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Tony Vargas, would prohibit the state Department of Correctional Services from placing an inmate in restrictive housing for more than 15 consecutive days. LB786 The committee also heard testimony on LB786, sponsored by Sen. Steve Lathrop, would require that all inmates housed within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services be screened for traumatic brain injury, developmental disability and severe mental illness upon initial admission to a facility. Public Policy Director, Brad Meurrens, testified in support of both bills. Read the full article on the Unicameral Update website.

The Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on LB 933, introduced by Sen. Crawford, on February 13. The bill, listed as "medium priority" as Disability Rights Nebraska, would change provisions relating to discontinuance of utility service. Sen. Crawford said the bill contains several “small but important shifts” in state law regarding utility shutoffs that would give those with serious medical challenges more flexibility. Disability will submit a letter to senators in support of LB 933. Read the Unicameral Update article for more information.

Testimony for LB 918, which would create the Commission on African Affairs and require a disparity study in government contracting, was heard by the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee on February 13, 2020. Disability Rights Nebraska listed LB 918 as a "medium priority" bill on the 2020 Legislative Agenda and will submit a letter to senators in support of the legislation. Read the Unicameral Update article to learn more about the bill.

On Feb. 5, the Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony on five bills focused on Nebraska youth rehabilitation and treatment centers. Three of the five bills - LB 1140, LB 1142, and LB 1145 - were selected as "medium priority" bills by Disability Rights Nebraska. LB 1140 would "provide requirements for youth rehabilitation and treatment centers." LB 1142 proposed to "provide for emergency plans at the youth rehabilitation and treatment centers." LB 1145 would "require the Dept. of Health and Human Services to develop and implement policies regarding use of mechanical restraints and transportation of juveniles." Disability Rights Nebraska will submit letters of support to Nebraska senators for each of the three bills. Visit the Unicameral Update website to learn more about the bills.

On January 29th, the Health and Human services committee considered LB 851, which would change provisions relating to eligibility for certain health care coverage under the Medical Assistance Act. Read the full article on the Unicameral Update website.

Sen. McCollister's LB 851 is designated as "medium priority" on Disability Rights Nebraska's 2020 Legislative Agenda, and we will submit a letter in support of the bill.

February 2020